Method EPA 200.9
  • Arsenic
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Selenium
Method EPA 375.4
  • Sulfate
Method SM 2340 C
  • Total Hardness as CaCO3
Method SM 2510 B
  • Conductivity
Method SM 4500-F- C
  • Fluoride
Method SM 4500-NO3 E
  • Nitrate as N
  • Nitrite as N
Method SM 9223 B
  • Total Coliforms (Presence / Absence)

Sample Acceptance Criteria
Please review our sample acceptance criteria before sending your samples for analysis.

  1. Samples must be submitted with a completed chain of custody. (PDF available)
  2. Use appropriate containers with required preservatives.
  3. Use water resistant ink to mark sample container with sample name, date, and time of sample collection.
  4. Adhere to sample holding times.
  5. Samples must be received with ice in the container.
  6. All drinking waters samples must be submitted in laboratory approved containers.
  7. Samples will not be accepted if ice is not present, or if the holding time is exceeded.
  8. Chlorine residual required.

Note: If a sample does not meet the acceptance criteria, the decision to proceed with the analysis will be determined by the client.

Analysis Request Form
For microbiological analyses, please use the chain of custody that reports in units fitting your reporting needs.
For distribution samples or qualitative analysis, results will be reported as Present or Absence.
The TCEQ Microbial Monitoring Form will be both your Chain of Custody and your Report.
Please,download our TCEQ Microbial Monitoring form.

Disclaimer: AA Inc is not certified by TCEQ. Nevertheless, clients are adviced that samples for compliance are farm out to a certified laboratory. 

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